The Earth is dying. Monsters always have tried to destroy the humankind on centuries and centuries of evilness and subterfuges with no success... but finally they have found the way. They focus their dark power against the Sun to create the biggest eclipse ever and cover all earth with darkness. Life is disappearing slowly and at the same time, people loses their dreams and happiness. No possible salvation.


Or maybe yes. Moon has a child. He is a Kiowa native and lives in the jungle with his tribe. His name is Kooy and means "wolf" in kiowa's lenguage. He doesn't know it yet, but he'll become the last hope for the planet. Help Kooy to destroy powerful monsters and close all portals around, explore abandoned villages finding secrets and treasures, survive hunting animals into the wild and discover his real origin and fate while you live an epic adventure across the world.


·       Solve mental challenging riddles in order to close portals


·       Explore caverns and ancient books


·       Search every corner to find secret treasures or settlements with side quests


·       Receive special rewards from villagers whom you help


·       Hunt animals and searching for food in order to survive alone in the world


·       Tame particular animals to discover hidden zones on the map


·       Non-linear gameplay with apparently indestructible monsters with a weapon based weakness


·       Craft new weapons and armor to destroy monsters



One year ago we began an exciting trip making the first prototypes of a fantasy game with a  Now these tests became a big universe rich in details with a deep story and good ideas. We need your help for transform our adventure in an amazing reality, because make enough content to properly fill out hours of gameplay is a true challenge. Fortunately, we have a clear vision of what we want with no castles in the sky.  Join with us in this beautiful travel.